Sunday, May 16, 2010

Belmont University students visit Knowles

Belmont University's Doctorate of Occupational Therapy students visited us for OTD 6400 Cultural Awareness and Human Development III class to learn more about healthy living for the older adult population. This class of 26 females are completing their last semester on campus. Starting in May 2010, these students will be doing clinical fieldwork for the next 24 weeks at various hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and pediatric centers. Later this winter they will complete a residency for 16 weeks. Graduation will be one year from now in May 2011. Learning about active aging and community resources is essential for these students to help prepare Baby Boomers and older generations how to remain engaged in meaningful occupations.

During their visit, these students participated in a Silver Sneakers class and sung with the Choraleers.